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It was refreshing to watch Jacob sing without seeming like he was in eternal suffering. “Piece of my Heart,” is an iconic Joplin song and Haley performed it well but the arrangement watered down the melody and punch of the original.

Randy welcomed back the Haley that they loved from the beginning and Steven thanked her for rocking his world. Casey Abrams (who is rumored to be dating Haley Reinhart) and his upright bass joined forces to deliver “Have you Ever Seen the Rain,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

It's not that Stefano Langone and Paul Mc Donald are bad singers, but their efforts have lagged behind the rest of the field at times on American Idol.

The marriage between Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin is not the only one in Hollywood to come to an end this week.

Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald have announced they are separating after two years of marriage.

But the aspiring artist has confirmed that he has a famous, beautiful woman to go home to each night. Last week, we predicted that Stefano Langone and Paul Mc Donald would go home on American Idol, only to be stunned when Pia Toscano was eliminated.

This shows what we know, but we doubt we were the only ones surprised.

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Lauren’s voice was spot on but one can’t help but wonder where the playful, confident girl from auditions and Hollywood week has gone.

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  2. Despite being looked down upon by many, some would argue there’s nothing wrong with a woman trading in on her looks and ability to laugh at jokes in exchange for shoes and rent.