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Hullandeastriding co ukdating

Only two out of the three determinations, those for F1 and F2 proved successful so that the second objective was not achieved, but figures were announced in 1998 which gave date ranges of 1890-1700 BC for F-1750 BC for F2, marginally outdating that for the Kilnsea plank.

The small number of determinations were insufficient to satisfy the experts and English Heritage came into the picture to initiate and fund a more comprehensive study with financial support also from the Oxford AMS Unit.

In the Early Bronze Age there is archaeological evidence for the appearance of goods in Britain of undoubted mainland origin such as central European bronze and Baltic amber.

It was dated by the AMS method of radioactive assay to between 1870-1670 BC, that is several centuries earlier than the age previously estimated for the Ferriby Boats at about 1300 BC.

The Ferriby Heritage Group, with funds given by the Sir James Reckitt Trust Charity, then commissioned a programme to obtain revised dates for the Ferriby Boats using the same AMS process partly as a check on the earlier radiocarbon dates and partly in the hope that the very precise AMS process might make it possible to separate the ages of the three finds from each other.

It would not be impossible, but the chances would have been slim.

They checked out each other's profile, sent each other a few messages, and gradually got to know each other online.

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In 1996, a piece of oak plank with carved features surviving on it for it to be recognised as a piece of boat plank of the type similar to the Ferriby trio was found by the Hull Natural History Society on the Holderness coast at Kilnsea.

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